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Post di Claudia Landini

Since I launched my solo career as intercultural trainer and coach, I have observed, listened to and tried to help loads of professional women, especially when they work away from home or in a mobile kind of life.
Some of them draw my attention more than others, and touch my heart in a special way.
One of them is Silvia Tentori of Silvia Tentori Yoga
Apart from being a wonderful yoga teacher, Silvia has happily accepted our invitation to give two free yoga sessions to Expatclic, and she conducted them with warmth and professionalism. She listened to the problem I have with my knees, and gave me very useful advice, showing deep participation. In her Yoga group, she gives lots of free videos – I know, many people do that, but some feel truer than others. She is also caring, warm and smiling. You can feel she has your well being at heart. #mobilecareer #youtouchedmyheart #yogateacher

Post di Dij MacDermott 

Silvia has been my favourite yoga instructor I have ever had anywhere. Super privileged to have had her in our town. Love her classes. Thanks Silvia x

Post di Brenda Foulsham

We were very fortunate to have Silvia take classes here in Murchison, NZ. She is very passionate and very knowledgeable of her yoga. Every class I have done with Silvia is enjoyable and very rewarding. Silvia is now offering classes online, I have participated in one and am looking forward to the next one even though Silvia is now back home on the other side of the world. Thank you for sharing your passion.
Namaste 🙏

Post di Margaux Lucas

Silvia is passionate and we can feel that she has spend a lot time to offer the best classes. Her courses are complete and she evokes every details in order to make the practice deeper.
She organized her lessons in a way that every levels are welcomed.

What I think is more important is she not only sharing her knowledge but also connecting people from all the world to each other through the philosophy of yoga.


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